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JFedit 5 5.16 Shareware

JFedit 5 is a desktop utility that loads JFile 5 databases into a fully editable grid for

FtrList 2.1 Free

I once needed a small tool to check which features were installed and what their values were and

PalmDisk 1.0 Free

An utility / conduit that allows you to easily transfer any kind of file between an expansion card

Pocket PhoneTools 5.0 Shareware

Pocket PhoneTools 5 communications software for your Pocket PC includes 3G and GPRS Internet

UsabilityExpo 4.19 Trial

UsabilityExpo is an amazingly beneficial tool for doing usability tests on mobile phones or mobile

Winterface 2.04 Trial

Winterface is the Next Generation Shell for Windows Mobile comprising the options of a launcher, a

Snapture for Palm OS Trial

Snapture is the easiest way to capture information and take it with you. Want to "remember" little

ImageExpo 4.22 Trial

ImageExpo is the ideal presentation and demonstration tool for mobile devices: ImageExpo enables