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RingCredible for iPhone/iPad 2.0 Free

Want to save money on national and international calls? Download Jugo now and try us with

Line2 for iPhone/iPad 9.0.0 Free

Line2 brings carrier-grade calling and texting to mobile devices. The free version of the app gives

iCaller 1.0.5 Free

iCaller is your personal assistant which can help you make the most out of your Android phone. The

TiKL for iPhone 2.8 Free

TiKL turns your mobile phone into a push to talk walkie-talkie with instant messaging capabilities.

Phone Dialer Free

Phone Dial allows you to quickly find your contacts using T9-like input, Latin/Russian

DtmfCallingcarder 1.0 Free

DtmfCallingcarder is a DTMF calling card number dialer for Windows Mobile. To use the app, enter

DtmfPhoneDialer 1.0 Free

DtmfPhoneDialer is a phone dialer with input pad for DTMF codes.To use the app, enter the phone

DtmfNumberpad 1.0 Free

DtmfNumberpad is a dial pad for DTMF codes. To use the app, press the dial button and enter a phone

DtmfPasswords 1.0 Free

DtmfPasswords is a DTMF dialer for Windows Mobile. The app allows you to create files containing

DtmfAnsweringMachine 1.0 Free

DtmfAnsweringMachine allows you to check your home phone's answering machine or voice mail. To use