ButtonChange 1.0

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ButtonChange 1.0

ButtonChange allows you to change a physical button into another button. For example, when running AvantGo, the Date and Address button is used as the Back and Forward keys. It may be more convenient to use the ToDo and Memo buttons to navigate for a user. However, there is no way to change the buttons used in Avantgo. Now, with ButtonChange, the user will be able to change the buttons used to navigate. He can setup ButtonChange to make Memo button behaves as Date button. Thus when the Memo button is pressed, the PalmOS and Avantgo will behave as if the Date button is pressed.


Emulate another button press - You can make a button behaves as another button. This is useful in applications and games that do not allow you to configure the buttons used for controlling the apps.
Replace damaged button - ButtonChange is useful when a physical button is damaged after frequent use. You can then use another button to replace the spoilt button.


· PalmOS 2
· 5KB
· X-Master

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Size: 4 KB

Price: USD 1.99

Operating System: PalmOS

Publisher/Developer: XVisionnow

Release Date: May 26, 2012

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